Learning Not Limited to Classrooms

Posted on February 13, 2015

As summer winds down, and the buzz in the air shifts from cicadas to grumbles about school, there are a few things to help get kids ready. Fun and games don’t have to end because school is around the bend. Check out the Tech Too Alphabet Tablet by Kidz Delight. With games that teach numbers, shapes, colors, animals and more, the tablet can help kids brush up on focus and fundamental learning as they journey to school for the first time. Pick up a game of Bananagrams – a fun letter tiles game packed in a banana that is perfect to help young kids identify their names so they can find them on their lockers the first day of school. older kids can create individual crosswords to prepare and get a leg up for spelling class.


Jumbo Bananagrams has the same game play, but is larger with rubber tiles. it’s great to play outside so you can soak up the last bit of summer sun while gaining the rays of learning. Plus, sunlight helps kids sleep better and boosts their immune system – both good benefits for back to school!

Source: Parenting Special Needs, Sept/Oct, 2013