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Posted on July 17, 2015

It’s smarter, more attractive and lasts a lifetime


With a new philosophy—that toys and play are for kids of all abilities—comes a new price! We have restructured our AblePlay pricing to better serve the toy industry, and in turn help retailers and consumers when selecting toys. AblePlay evaluations provide unparalleled information about products to help children of all abilities reach milestones through toys and play.

Here is what our price restructure means for a toy manufacturer: 1 payment of $225 for the lifetime of the product with the following benefits in return:

  • AblePlay Lifetime Recognition Seal:

AblePlay Lifetime Recognition Seal

Perfect to draw attention that a product is acclaimed and certified, manufacturers should think of the Recognition Seal as a flag. This bright disc is a visual cue alerting retailers and consumers that the product has been evaluated by AblePlay.

  • AblePlay Lifetime Rating Seal:

AblePlay Lifetime Rating Seal

Being a snapshot of the product’s evaluation, manufacturers, retailers and consumers can use the Rating Seal as a report card. Lekotek certified staff with backgrounds in child development—special education, child life and other therapy disciplines like recreation therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, etc.—conduct rigorous reviews in order to provide an unprecedented glimpse into a toy or play product’s appropriateness for kids with and without special needs. Using check marks for Great Finds and a 5 star rating system for toys, Lekotek staff evaluate the products in 5 areas of skill development:

  • Physical
  • Sensory
  • Communicative
  • Cognitive
  • Social/Emotional

AblePlay seal is good for the lifetime of the product!

  • Inclusion on the Website:

Each product reviewed is featured and promoted on our website (the one you are on!) where we provide highlights of our comprehensive review via:

  • Product description
  • Key benefits
  • Developmental skills
  • Play ideas
  • Adaptations

Products  are the main attraction on our updated website, recently redesigned courtesy of a grant from the Chicago Community Trust, better serving everyone by making it an easier, faster, smarter, and more playful web experience.

  • Publication Inclusion:

A collection of AblePlay partnered publications

In addition to our own blog, we collaborate with online and print publications around the country on topics involving toys, special needs and child development. We include and emphasize AblePlay reviewed toys in our article contributions every opportunity we get.

  • Lekotek Toy Lending Libraries:

A map of Lekotek affiliates around the United States

With 17 Lekotek locations (and counting!) around the country, we spread toys far and wide to our affiliates not only for AblePlay reviews, but also making sure the toys get into as many Lekotek toy libraries, play sessions and homes as possible.

We believe that toys can help children, grow, develop, learn and thrive! Further information about services we provide to manufacturers through AblePlay can be found on our website or by contacting:

Ahren Hoffman
Manager of Industry Relations & Partnerships
773-528-5766 x401