Time to Focus on CAN, Not Can't

Posted on May 6, 2015

We are excited to announce a positive change in our philosophy and language here at AblePlay. Through our AblePlay evaluations over the years, we have received feedback from companies (and consumers) that, like children, the “special needs” tagline we utilized for our AblePlay seal can sometimes typecast a product as only for a certain group. With our new website comes a new tagline and philosophy, positioning the products AblePlay has reviewed as appropriate for children of “all abilities!”


This “all abilities” descriptor recognizes what children CAN do. This is something we have seen time and time again at Lekotek: Families come in for a play session with their child, and it is not just the child with special needs enjoying the toys, but the siblings, parents and other family members joining in on the playtime and smiles. AblePlay.org strives to be inclusive and encompass toys for everyone, and at Lekotek our philosophy is that play should be available for all kids.


AblePlay is hoping this shift in philosophy will help reach and teach an audience that may not resonate with the term “special needs”, yet has a child whose abilities they want to nurture. This could include kids who are undiagnosed or just delayed with a skill they have yet to master.


For the manufacturers and retailers, this is significant because it announces the skill development potential of their products and promotes them to all kids. Declaring a product as appropriate for kids of “all abilities” is a connecting factor that promotes inclusion, shared experiences and social development.


In the end, it is the child who benefits most. More toys means more play, and more play means more ways to learn and grow.