Bilateral Coordination


Wheeee-mote Control

B. Toys

A cordless, one-button remote controls this car. Pressing the button on the remote operates the car. Press and hold the button down to drive forward. Release the button and then press again to drive in circles. The car is always in motion. When the car is on, lights flash and an engine sound is heard. When driving, screeching tires and beeps can be heard and spinning gears can be seen through the windows of the car. It requires four AA batteries (included) and 1 9V battery, sold separately. BPA-free and lead-free.

Tactile Discs

Tactile Discs

American Educational Products

Five large tactile discs and five small tactile discs enable a child to explore textures using hands and feet. Set comes complete with a blind-fold and small storage bag. 


Fancy Green Tutu Set

Fancy Green Tutu Set

Aeromax, Inc.

Fluffy solid color tutu has an elastic waistband, several layers of tulle and is fully lined with satin. Floral Head Piece and Scepter Wand are available and sold separately. 

Strider Bikes

Strider Sports International, Inc.

This no-pedal balance bike teaches children balance and coordination while building confidence to progress to riding a traditional bicycle. Children push with their feet to move forward and gradually learn to lift their legs and coast. Both the handlebars and seat are height adjustable. The smaller option, the STRIDER 12 Sport, is designed for ages 18 months - 5 years and has EVA polymer tires that never need air.


Beamz Interactive Inc

Beamz is an interactive music system that is played by interrupting up to four laser beams with your hands creating up to 12 different sounds of instruments, music clips and vocals. The Beamz system includes Bluetooth technology that wirelessly connects one Apple device to the Beamz player at a time. After downloading the free Beamz Interactive app through iTunes, the Apple device becomes the speakers of the Beamz Player. The Bluetooth technology allows for greater accessibility during play. All ages and abilities can easily play together or independently to make music through laser beams!