Core Strengthening



Wooden play set that includes two sling seat swings, one Glider swing, one raised tower accessed by a metal rung ladder and space to attach a slide (Slide sold separately). This small set can accommodate up to eight children. Swings have a maximum weight of 115lbs. All lumbar is included and is pre-cut and stained. Note: The play set that was evaluated included the Cool Wave slide and this report reflects that addition.

Sherwood Palace

Sherwood Palace

Architecturally designed wooden play set with faux river stone pillars and pagoda-style roof. The play set features a rope bridge, rock wall, two-sling seat swings, a trapeze bar and space to attach a slide (Slide sold separately). The upper level includes a magnetic chalkboard while the lower level has three permanently attached percussion instruments: bongos, rain wheel and babaloo. The play set can accommodate up to 10 children. Individual swings have a maximum weight of 115lbs. All needed lumbar is included and is pre-cut and stained.

Springfree Trampoline

Springfree™ Trampoline

This uniquely designed trampoline provides several features that lessen the risk of injury. The frame is below the jumping surface so there are no hard surfaces for a jumper to come in contact with. It has no springs, but rather fiberglass rods that flex with each jump. The rods are found below the jumping surface and supporting the net enclosure. The net enclosure is made from FlexiNet, which flexes with movement and absorbs an impact. 


123 JUMP 48” Round Bouncer Trampoline with Game

48” Color Count Trampoline boasts a sturdy steel frame with foam padding, full mesh enclosure and zipper entrance. The jump surface is lower than traditional trampolines enabling children to get in and out independently. The interactive logo mat and attached color legend can extend play from bouncing to an interactive game where children follow the color pattern on the color legend.

For indoor or outdoor use; weight limit 100lbs. 

Schoenhut Drum Set

5-piece Drum Set

Little drummers will be on the path to stardom! This 5-piece drum set is child-sized but includes the same features as a full-sized drum set like great sound and  many of the same features as a professional set.  The drum set Includes: 8” mounted tom drum, 10” mounted tunable snare drum, 16” tunable bass drum, bass drum pedal, adjustable padded foam set, tuning key, drum sticks. 



Schoenhut Piano

My First Piano II

High quality beginner piano is bright red in color, sits on the floor, has 25 keys and is a good introduction to piano play. The width of the keys promotes proper finger placement in the youngest of pianists, enabling an easy transition to a larger piano. Little musicians will love sitting in front of this tabletop piano and performing for a crowd! Whether for a special occasion or just for fun, this instrument will encourage children on the path to musical stardom!

Rainy Day Therapist Kit

Rainy Day Therapist Kit

The Rainy Day Therapist Kit is an excellent resource for therapists and a wonderful tool for families to have in their homes. The kit is used inside of doorways for fun anytime day or night, rain or shine. The kit includes many attachments: strap swing, hammock, glider swing, trapeze bar, and baby swing with a two-point harness. The support bar is the center of all the action. It fits in doorways from 29”-36” wide and stays put via tension, but can be screwed in for added stability and does not stop the door from closing. All of the attachments hook to the support bar with pelican hooks.

Me Too Play Tent

Me-Too Playtent

This multicolored play tent is made of durable flame-retardant nylon with a waterproof bottom for both indoor and outdoor play.  14 shock-corded poles come in two sections and can be easily assembled by one person using the written/pictorial directions.  48”x48”x42" high.  It includes a carry bag for storage and portability.

Safety Trampoline

Safety Trampoline

Small, square trampoline with an attached safety bar for added stability. The trampoline has bungee cord action covered with a padded surface to prevent children’s feet from slipping between the cords. 


Am-9S AmTryke

Am-9S AmTryke®

This therapeutic tricycle enables children to pedal with their hands and feet simultaneously.  The pedals have footrest plates with ankle and toe hook and loop straps to hold a child’s feet securely in place.  It has a detachable parent assist handle.  Steering can be done by the child or locked for parent-control steering.  The trike has a bucket seat with three-point adjustable seatbelt.  Maximum weight 150lbs.  Additional adaptation equipment for this trike is available from the manufacturer.