Life Skills


Watch PLUS

Time Timer®

A personal time management tool that helps kids and adults alike tell time and stay on task. The key is Time Timer’s intuitive design that animates the passage of time on its unique watch face. Time Timer also functions as an alarm and timer. 

Snack Kit

Kidstir Monthly Cooking Kits


Kidstir Monthly Cooking Kits help kids understand the science behind cooking, but also the knowledge of food and benefits of eating healthy. Each kit engages families to shop for ingredients, interact while cooking and bond over the table. The kits include recipe cards, detailed shopping lists, kid friendly tools like cookie cutters and spatulas along with games and activities to inspire imagination and hone in on learning. Kits come in many varieties to mix, stir, bake and make breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks!  

Switchamajig Controller

Switchamajig Controller

Paw Solutions, LLC

The Switchamajig Controller syncs with an iPad* enabling children (and adults) to operate switch-adapted toys (3.5mm jacks), electronic devices, and kitchen utensils by touching the switch panels on the iPad screen. The unit plugs into a switch-adapted toy or switch-adapted outlet and creates a Wi-Fi connection with the iPad to control the device it’s plugged in to.
2 AA Batteries sold separately.
Switch adapted toy not included.
*Requires an iPad to use - sold separately. To sync your iPad, download the free Switchamjig application

Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed

Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed

One Step Ahead

Inflatable travel bed has a soft-flocked covering for a quiet night’s sleep and gentle curved sidewalls to help prevent tumbles off the bed. Unique attached inset mattress enables your own covers to be tucked in securely and snuggly. Comes complete with an electric inflator to lessen the physical labor needed to inflate.

Learning Tower

Learning Tower

Little Partners, Inc.

The Learning Tower is a unique wooden step stool specifically designed for children to work safely at a counter. This piece of furniture is handsomely made of layered Birch wood with an easy to wipe clean, non-toxic lead-free finish. It can accommodate up to two children on the 15”x18” platform. With a maximum weight limit of 500lbs and four adjustable height levels, it can easily grow with a child and work well at different countertop heights. The design allows the unit to be pushed against a counter for easy access.

Hearts, Triangles, Squares

FunBites Hearts, Triangles, Squares


FunBites are a perfect complement to breakfast, lunch and dinner time! The different shaped cutters allow kids to pop out shapes and start to create. FunBites makes it ok to play with your food! The triangle, heart and square shaped cutters have curved plastic blades that cut food into small bite sized pieces. Green FunBites makes 12 squares, Red FunBites makes 10 geometric shapes to create hearts, and the Orange FunBites creates 10 geometric shapes to create triangles. Imaginations and creativity will expound with FunBites!

PowerLink 4 Control Unit

PowerLink® 4 Control Unit

AbleNet Inc.

The PowerLink 4 Control Unit enables a user to activate up to two electrical appliances (maximum of 12 amps total) simultaneously with two single switches. There are six modes of operation to determine duration of activation and in what manner it is activated. 


The Two Tuba Switch

The Two Tuba Switch

Toys 'n Tales

“Two Tuba Switch” is a book and corresponding toys dedicated to the story of a boy who switches into objects due to his extreme shyness. When the main character turns into a tuba he must overcome his shyness when he is accidentally taken to an unfamiliar home. The toys match the book so that a child can act out the story as it was told or create his own story line. 


My Friend Huggles Dolls

My Friend Huggles Dolls

My Friend Huggles®

My Friend Huggles dolls are life size and full of pretend play fun! There are 5 different dolls to choose from in the original collection each including their own characteristics and style. “Life Virtues” are inherent within each doll to teach kids about being generous, grateful, fair, kind, and cheerful. My Friend Huggles dolls foster imagination and creative play to not only help children recognize their own attributes and feelings (self-awareness), but begin to acknowledge those of others around them (social awareness). My Friend Huggles are great for hugs too!