Sequential Thought

Zany Zoo

Zany Zoo

B. Toys

One-piece, large, wooden cube has activities on each side and bead mazes on the top to keep children’s hands and minds busy developing many useful skills such as fine motor, problem solving and eye-hand coordination. Zany Zoo features wooden spinning blocks, animal disks that slide down zigzag tracks, peek-a-boo doors, bead maze and animals that move along winding paths. BPA-free and lead-free.

Blow Lotto

Blow Lotto

American Educational Products

A ping-pong ball is blown on a game board and played like bingo. Each child takes a turn and when the ball lands on an animal, that animal is covered up on the child’s game board.  The first person to cover her board wins.

Sand Artist Kit cover

Sand Artist Kits

Creative Adventures®

Kids will be inspired to create with the Sand Artist kit! Each set comes with 12 vivid colors of sand, two 5x7 design canvases, protective sheets and an etching stylus. The kit also includes an instruction card for basic techniques and six special effects for more advanced projects.