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Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Math 1, 2 & 3

Grouchy Dog

Rainbow Math is a system of educational games that includes many variations of game play allowing kids of all abilities and math levels to play together. Kids have the opportunity to learn new concepts while mastering old concepts. Rainbow Math is a formula for learning that is fun—the games promote math concepts and skills, problem solving and critical thinking while delivering social interaction. System supports Common Core learning. Note: Rainbow Math games 1-3 were evaluated in this AblePlay report-- Fantabulous Forest (1), Broken Treasure (2) and Pirate Adventure (3).

Tieramid Circle Set

Tieramid CircleSet

Bulls-Eye Creative

This brightly colored 22 piece wooden block set consists of six stackable disks. Each of the disks is made up of various curved shapes. Included with the blocks are a set of 48 picture cards which depict diagrams of different objects that can be constructed with the blocks, thus extending traditional block play. These picture cards are coded in order to delineate differing levels of play and difficulty. Every picture card is multilingual, having the title of each picture card appear in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations. 


Parum Pum Pum

Parum Pum Pum

B. Toys

Child’s set of eight instruments with a whimsical insect theme that all store in the drum. Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.


Beamz Interactive Inc

Beamz is an interactive music system that is played by interrupting up to four laser beams with your hands creating up to 12 different sounds of instruments, music clips and vocals. The Beamz system includes Bluetooth technology that wirelessly connects one Apple device to the Beamz player at a time. After downloading the free Beamz Interactive app through iTunes, the Apple device becomes the speakers of the Beamz Player. The Bluetooth technology allows for greater accessibility during play. All ages and abilities can easily play together or independently to make music through laser beams!