Visual Acuity


Weplay Squeezer

The Weplay Squeezer is a set of three hand-squeezable silicon rings that develop tactile awareness and provide tactile input and stimulation. Each 2.5” ring is a different bright color with differing levels of resistance to progressively improve grip strength. Additionally, the rings have small, low-profile, soft, rounded nubs on them to provide additional sensory input and improve circulation.

Apple Links Set

Apple Links

Weplay Apple Links is a building block set consisting of lightweight green and red cubes (apples), 2 sizes of brown plastic bumpy rods (caterpillars), green foam ovals (leaves), and a wooden needle (caterpillar) and thread. The “apples” have a holes on each side and corners for builders to insert “caterpillars” or needle and thread to attach other “apples” or “leaves” to build their own abstract creations or representations of other real world objects.

Find It Discover America

Find It!

Find It! is a closed ended clear tube filled with multi-colored pellets and forty small objects “hidden” among them. The hidden items are related to the tube’s central theme (Dinos, At the Beach, Glitz & Glamour, Discover America, Pirates, Starry Night, Kids, Wildlife, Mythical Creatures, Made in Washington, Eww Gross, and Original), and are listed on the tube end cap. Players shake, roll and twist the tube to uncover and identify the objects.


All-Turn-It® Spinner

Switch-activated spinner replaces traditional game board spinners and/or dice. Press a large button to spin the dial. The unit does have an external jack and can be activated by plugging in your own external switch. Once activated, the dial spins for a preset period of time and stops. This assists children who have difficulty releasing the button/switch. Interchangeable overlays can be used for different games. Unit includes two double-sided overlays: dice on one side and blank wipe-off second side for each overlay. More overlays are available and sold separately.

Tieramid Circle Set

Tieramid CircleSet

This brightly colored 22 piece wooden block set consists of six stackable disks. Each of the disks is made up of various curved shapes. Included with the blocks are a set of 48 picture cards which depict diagrams of different objects that can be constructed with the blocks, thus extending traditional block play. These picture cards are coded in order to delineate differing levels of play and difficulty. Every picture card is multilingual, having the title of each picture card appear in English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish translations. 


Whacky Ball Activity Center

Whacky Ball Activity Center

The B. Whacky Ball Activity Center contains a maze, four balls and a hammer that squeaks. The activity center provides opportunities to strengthen motor and learning skills.  Children’s auditory and visual senses are stimulated when playing with this toy.  The activity center can be used independently or in cooperation with others. To expand play, the balls and hammer can be used separately in other play activities. BPA-free and lead-free.

Critter Clinic

Critter Clinic

This child-sized veterinarian’s kit encourages active exploration.  Individual, key-operated compartments encourage finger dexterity, spatial orientation and directionality as children use problem-solving skills to manipulate the various pieces of child-friendly medical equipment and brightly colored stuffed animal “patients.”  Play can be extended into imaginative role-playing as children engage in solitary or group activities as animal doctors. BPA-free and lead-free.



Set of 26 soft, colorful blocks that are easy to grasp and are safe for children who mouth toys.  Each block is deeply embossed with a letter and a corresponding animal.  Several different shapes enable children to build architectural masterpieces. The blocks easily fit into the included carrying case which zips closed.  Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.