Have a Child with CP? Here are activities for children with cerebral palsy!

When a family has a child with cp, there are many great activities for children with cerebral palsy that would benefit them. Just like adults, all work and no play makes for a miserable life for children with cerebral palsy. So including play activities as a part of their regular routine is important. Encouraging a child with CP to play can positively improve their physical, emotional, and intellectual development. This is true not only for children with cerebral palsy but extends also to children with other muscular and skeletal conditions such as spin bifida and muscular dystrophy as well.

Perfect toys for a child with CP can be found right in your local toy store

activities for children with cerebral palsyParents of cerebral palsy children can easily find activities for children with cerebral palsy that are an excellent fit. Or in some cases, minor adaptations can be made that make it easier for a child with cp to play with the toy. So creating a toy box filled with activities, games, and toys for a child with CP is not difficult. So parents can ensure there are always favorite, fun toys available for kids with cerebral palsy to enjoy.

Tips for selecting games and activities for children with cerebral palsy

Here is some criteria for buying games, toys and activities for children with cerebral palsy, disabilities, and special needs. One important thing to consider is matching the skills your child has with the skills required to use the toy. Also, consider what skills your child may need to grow in and select toys that encourage them to use and enhance those skills. Thinking about that when you are in the toy store will help you select toys that are a good fit for a child with cp.

Major skills that a child with cp can gain from toys and activities for children with cerebral palsy

a child with cp

Improved Stability -

Cerebral Palsy can affect a child's ability to move around and hold themselves steady. That's why finding toys that can support a child and provide added stability while they play is important. Swings, bikes, and ride on toys are childhood favorites that are well suited for a child with cp. Children with cerebral palsy love pushing themselves around on a tricycle. And who doesn't enjoy the thrill of fresh outdoor air hitting your face as mom or dad pushes them on a swing?

activities for children with cerebral palsyJungle Gyms and Outdoor Playsets -

A child with cp will enjoy hours of fun in the backyard with their own outdoor playset. It can encourage your child to stand, play, climb and stretch their abilities. Safety swings with a belt can provide extra security for a child with cp. And many of the activities are accessible for children in wheelchairs as well.

Non-Slip Toys that Secure in Place -

To lessen the risk of falling, seek toys that stay in place and won't slip. Suction cups, velcro, and non-skid strips can help toys stay in place.

child with cpEasy to Hold -

A child with CP may have troubles gripping. Finding toys that are easy to hold helps a child to grasp it better. For example some crayons are made in ball and triangle shapes that are easy to hold. Also, inflatable toys can be adapted by letting a little of the air out making it easier for a child to grasp. Today there are many options available on toys so seek out toys that facilitate a child's ability to enjoy them!

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Toys Perfect for a Child with CP at AblePlay.com

For ideas on specific toys, and plays products categorized by disabilities go to www.ableplay.org. AblePlay is a website that researches, rates and reviews current toys for children with special needs. AblePlay is part of the nonprofit National Lekotek Center, the leading authority on play for children with disabilities www.lekotek.org.

Hope this helps you find the perfect gifts, toys, and activities for children with cerebral palsy!

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