Down Syndrome Activities As A Method for Helping Children with Down Syndrome

Ideas and a little help for Santa as Holiday Time Approaches with Ideas for Fun Activities and Games for Children with Down Syndrome

down syndrome activitiesWhile the idea may seem against common sense, encouraging children with down syndrome to engage in down syndrome activities and play is effective medicine to develop their skills. The act of play goes a long way to help those afflicted with cognitive disabilities such children with down syndrome.

While the idea of strict exercises, carefully planned therapy may seem in order. Sometimes free play can advance children the most. Often a child's parent will actively work with a child using tools like flash cards with their children. For many kids, this can feel like work and is not fun. Wherever there is an opportunity to use down syndrome games, it should be encouraged. Games are an enjoyable way for kids to gain memory skills, learn to focus, and enhance their abilities.

Tips for shopping for Down Syndrome Games and Down Syndrome Activities

Down syndrome activities tip 1)

Short Attention Span. Avoid games that require children to concentrate for a long period of time. Instead, find games that allow kids to "succeed" by performing tasks that require a shorter attention span. That helps children with down syndrome to feel a sense of accomplishment.

Down syndrome activities tip 2)

Lights, Sounds, Actions. Seek down syndrome games that really engage a child's senses. Fun horns, buzzes, and sounds can capture a child's interest. Colorful lights similarly invite a child in and engages them in play.

Down syndrome activities tip 3)

down syndrome gamesRepetition is key. Remember as a child how your teacher asked you to repeat multiplication tables over and over again? The repetition was the key to learning. The same is true for children with downs syndrome. Repetition creates familiarity and let's the child start to recognize patterns. Plus, practice makes perfect in helping a child to master a skill.

Down syndrome activities tip 4)

Varying Levels of Difficulty. If you were new to Angry Birds, you may want to start at the beginner's level until you got more skilled at the game. At that time you can upgrade the level of difficulty. The same is true for children with down syndrome. Many down syndrome games and toys have a beginner, regular, and expert level of play. That allows kids to start at the beginning and increase the difficulty as they master the skills needed.

Down syndrome activities tip 5)

Toys that encourage creativity. Make sure if you have a child with down syndrome that their toy box includes some creative games and toys. Sometimes it's nice to "cut loose" knowing that there are no right or wrong answers. It stimulates a child's imagination and creativity. Crayons, markers, paints, play dough make for a fun art project day any child will love. Musical toys such as drums, keyboards, bells, or guitar can encourage rock star play. These fun, musical, art type projects encourage the non-cognitive part of the brain to develop.

As the holidays approach, add some down syndrome games and down syndrome activities to the list for the special children with down syndrome in your life. It's a gift of fun that can develop a child's cognitive abilities. Playing these together with your child will create beautiful memories to last years to come.

AblePlay is a website developed by the nonprofit National Lekotek Center at that provides ratings and reviews of toys for children with special needs. Families can now find toys that are suitable for various disability categories including cognitive. Toys reviews include complete toy descriptions, unique play ideas for each disability category, as well as the developmental processes promoted for each toy.

Hope this helps you find the perfect Down Syndrome Game or Down Syndrome Activities for Children with Down Syndrome


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