The Importance of Play for Special Needs Babies

Helps tips on choosing toys for special needs babies.

toys special needs babiesPlay is one of the ways that children learn about their world. Having the right toys for special needs babies can stimulate their growth and development. With the huge selection of baby toys available, selecting the right toys for your special needs baby can be a daunting task. AblePlay is a resource designed to help parents of special needs babies to select the right toys for their specific needs.

Introducing the AblePlay Toy Rating System - A Guide for Choosing Toys for Special Needs Babies

Parents can review the toy rating system on the website to kind valuable information, product reviews, and buying guides for special needs babies. We designed AblePlay to help moms, dads, teachers, and therapists select products that provide the most educational value for children with disabilities. This includes specific information for selecting toys for special needs babies in terms of physical, sensory, communicative, cognitive

Keys to Selecting Toys for Special Needs Babies

Wondering what to look for when selecting a toy for your child? Below are the main types of mainstream children's toys available for special needs babies and tips for how the specific benefits that type of toy provides.

7 Main Types of Toys for Special Needs Babies

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 1: Activity Panels—This is a terrific beginning toy for babies because it helps them learn cause and effect, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Examples -- Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker or 5 in 1 Adjustable gym.

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 2: Soft Squeezable Toys—Sometimes a baby or toddler needs the comfort of a cuddly friend, something to squeeze for confidence, or a playmate to take along on a car ride. Cuddle toys help a child express their emotions, explore social realms and provide soothing comfort. The Buddy Dog is a good example of a toy that will become a favorite friend.

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 3: Musical Toys —Musical instruments and toys provide quiet soothing or lively stimulation (depending on the tempo of the music). Research shows music helps brain development and aids in promoting movement and communication. A recommended toys is the Mozart Magic Cube because it plays classical tunes, is child-friendly and highly portable.
toys special needs baby
Special Needs Baby Toy Type 4: Building Blocks— Playing with blocks provides big value for babies. Some of the major benefits they gain are problem solving, spatial aptitude, logical and mathematical skills and learning to plan. For a good beginning set of blocks try the One Two Squeeze Soft 123 Blocks.

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 5: Shape-Sorters — Every special needs baby should own a shape-sorter toy because they are a fantastic way for babies and toddlers to learn hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. We like DiscoverSounds Tool Box because it morphs into a tool box as well.

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 6: Recognition Builders — These types of toys stimulate a special needs child's memories by showing them new and familiar objects, people and places. This is an important tool to help special needs babies learn to recognize, prepare and remember. Zatswho is a great product that allows you to customize a photo of anything you want to familiarize a child with.

Special Needs Baby Toy Type 7: Memory & Recall Developers—Toys are a great tool to stimulate and strengthen a child’s memory and recall abilities. Products like What’s Inside? Toy Box are a great way to get a kid started in building these important skills.

Start Building a Toy Chest for Your Special Needs Baby that Stimulates and Entertains

So start building your baby’s toy chest with these seven great categories of play products. To find additional information on toys for special needs babies, go to and learn how to fuel fun and build a whole lot of skills that serve babies and beyond.

We look forward to helping you choose excellent educational toys for special needs babies


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