American Educational Products

Scott Resources, Hubbard Scientific, National Teaching Aids and Ginsberg Scientific form the Manufacturing Divisions of American Educational Products LLC. The divisions of AMEP have been supplying the highest quality classroom materials domestically and internationally for more than 70 years. With our creative in-house product development team, we are able to introduce new products on a yearly basis. Our products have helped teachers bring the joy of discovery, through hands-on and investigative learning styles, to generations of students. We are sincerely proud of our legacy and we promise to strive to meet the needs of present and future students as they prepare to become knowledgeable and successful world citizens.

Products from this Manufacturer

Blow Lotto

Blow Lotto

A ping-pong ball is blown on a game board and played like bingo. Each child takes a turn and when the ball lands on an animal, that animal is covered up on the child’s game board.  The first person to cover her board wins.

Picture of Mounted Scissors

Mounted Table Top Scissors (on plastic)

Traditional scissors require a user to have the motor strength, accuracy, and dexerity to insert fingers into the grip holes and squeeze them together while holding the object firmly and steadily in the opposing in order to successfully cut into an object.

Tactile Discs

Tactile Discs

Five large tactile discs and five small tactile discs enable a child to explore textures using hands and feet. Set comes complete with a blind-fold and small storage bag. 


Tilted Disc

Tilting Disc

Tilting Disc is a brightly colored round balancing board designed to be enjoyed by children through adults! Stepping onto the 9’ green disc, players are immediately challenged to shift weight between their feet, arms and torso to stay atop as the thick rubber connector between the disc and the base flexes under the weight of the player. Great for kids of all ages!