SmartNoggin, Inc

Our founder, Marcia Haut, graduated from Purdue University with a degree in special education and has been educating children with special needs for over 30 years.  As an early intervention therapist for babies birth to three, Marcia had the privilege of working with young families in their homes.  While working with these amazing parents from all walks of life, one common thread was noticed; they were not sure what they should be doing to encourage their baby’s early milestones.  Marcia could not find a toy “learning tool” to help parents begin their baby’s learning journey, so SmartNoggin, Inc., was born.

Today, SmartNoggin® has developed the NogginStik® developmental rattle and parent guide to help parents begin their baby’s learning journey.  The rattle and parent guide help parents gain confidence in their ability to encourage their baby’s brain development beginning at birth, with the hope of helping every baby reach their full potential.

Research shows that the foundation for all future learning begins at birth.  We believe that parents can be amazing first teachers and SmartNoggin® is here to help!

Products from this Manufacturer



NogginRings are the second product to be introduced in the line of Milestone Makers™ from SmartNoggin Toys. NogginRings have been updated from the original “Red Rings” product introduced in the 1980s. This redeveloped product takes a classic toy and gives it a modern twist. NogginRings encourages positive caregiver and child interaction during critical early childhood development. 

Noggin Seek in Box


NogginSeek Cognitive Rattle is the latest addition to the Smart Noggin Toy lineup that aims to develop and achieve some of infants’ earliest developmental skills and milestones.  The NogginSeek features the company’s signature clear globe-shaped head (Noggin) and smiley face that contains the blue and white rattle balls. When the rattle is turned right side up, the balls drain down the hollow clear handle; when the rattle is turned upside down, the balls drop into the Noggin.



NogginStik is a toy that focuses on skills children need in the first developmental stages of their life. The original purpose of the NogginStik was to promote eye tracking, but this rattle-like product encourages other developmental milestones such as: auditory attention, sensory stimulation, and grasping. A unique feature of the NogginStik is that unlike a traditional rattle when tapped or shaken, a soft glow light changes colors between red, green and blue to stimulate the eyes and encourage visual attention.