AblePlay Toy Box Guide - The Inaugural edition has landed!

Posted on December 15, 2016

Just in time for holiday shopping, the guide, which includes information on more than 50 toys, is free and currently available for download. This is the guide for parents, grandparents, professionals, or anyone seeking to purchase toys for children on all abilities,” said Kathryn Lavin, Executive Director, Lekotek. "The guide features AblePlayTM approved products as well as AblePlayTM Play Ideas so that the benefits of play are maximized."

A key to Lekotek’s success is its emphasis on bringing the whole family together to enjoy the many benefits of play. This new guide will help make that all-important family time even more fun by showcasing toys that will appeal to all ages and abilities.

Fall Fidgets: Top 10 Products

Posted on November 18, 2015

Fall is a time for playing in the leaves and enjoying the cool breeze and warmth of the sunshine before winter weather hits. Unfortunately, there are some times when you just can’t get outside to enjoy the changing colors and fresh air. Here are a few fidget toys that can help kids maintain focus and attention without disruption. These fidgets are great for school, car rides and bad weather.

These activities have been designed to impress enjoyment while encouraging development. Use these activities to help your child calm and support, arouse and challenge. Feel free to use them as described or modify them to your child’s own specific needs.

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Strider Bikes

Strider Sports International, Inc.

This no-pedal balance bike teaches children balance and coordination while building confidence to progress to riding a traditional bicycle. Children push with their feet to move forward and gradually learn to lift their legs and coast. Both the handlebars and seat are height adjustable. The smaller option, the STRIDER 12 Sport, is designed for ages 18 months - 5 years and has EVA polymer tires that never need air.