Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Haulers Dumptruck

Promoted Skills

Product Description

Plastic molded dump truck that has a detachable bucket for sand castle play. 

Sensory 4


  • Visual tracking skills are used when children follow the truck with their eyes.  Eye tracking is a pre-literacy skill.
  • As children push the truck along, they are working on coordinated movement and weight shifting – good practice and strength training for walking.
  • Children can use grasping skills to hold the handle of the container.

Play Ideas

  • Place several items in the container of the truck.  Without looking, have the child grab one item and identify it by touch.
  • Add different textures into play by incorporating dried beans and rice, cotton balls, autumn leaves, dirt or small toys into dump truck play.
  • Drive on different surfaces to feel and hear the sensory variations.  Some suggestions are grass, dirt, carpet, corrugated cardboard, empty snack bags, or bubble wrap.

Communicative 4


  • Social interaction and play can take place as one child drives the truck to the other child who then loads it up with “stuff”, such as small toys, sand, or dirt, to haul.
  • Language development can be included in play from labeling truck parts, putting two words together (“Truck go.”), labeling the action (“I’m making the truck go.”), verbalizing wants or needs (“I need help.”) to acting out play scripts (“We are building a road and need to move the dirt…”)
  • Action concepts such as go, stop, load and dump are reinforced during play.

Play Ideas

  • Add small play people to enhance pretend play.
  • Make two parallel lines on the floor with masking tape (or outside with chalk).  Push the truck back and forth through this road to a friend.  For added fun, place notes or toys inside the truck to transport to the other player.
  • Have the child tell a story incorporating the truck and then have him act it out.

Cognitive 4


  • Cause and effect learning is heightened as children pack sand in the container and then flip it over to create a structure.
  • Children practice problem-solving skills as they learn how to take the container off the truck and how to place it back on.
  • Children learn how to cognitively process a sequence of events to drive, load, move and dump with the truck.

Play Ideas

  • Incorporate numbers and counting into play as you count each item placed into the truck.  Then count, “1-2-3!” and dump them out.
  • Create an obstacle course for the child to drive through.
  • Incorporate color into play by telling the child to “drive” around the room and pick up something red.  The next time pick-up something green, and so on.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Place a small towel or cloth at the bottom of the container for children who may startle easily.  This will muffle the sound of hard items, such as blocks, when they are tossed into the container.

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AblePlay Rating

Dirt Diggers 2-in-1 Haulers Dumptruck

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 3
Sensory 4
Communicative 4
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 3