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Scheduling that just sticks! Developed by a mother/schoolteacher, Easy Daysies® is a magnetic “to-do” schedule helping kids with every day schedules such as morning and bedtime routines, bathroom practices and afterschool agendas. Easy Daysies® promotes cooperation, responsibility and independence. Kits include a 2-sided Fold & Go Board (Apple Tree design on one side, Daisy on the other), plus 18 colored, durable magnets that can be used on the fridge, kitchen door, or pocket chart (or the Easy Daysies® Fold & Go). 

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  • Easy Daysies® promotes memory and recall skills as children follow tasks for different routines.
  • Kids can practice object recognition and identification when selecting magnets (tasks) and creating a schedule using the words and visuals on the magnets.
  • The magnets (tasks) can help children transition during the day. For instance, if snack time is later in the day, place the “Snack (Break)” piece on the board and verbally remind the child about the snack time as you point to the “Snack (Break)” piece. 

Communicative 0


  • Caregiver can spark verbal conversations and storytelling by asking a child to relay the tasks on her Easy Daysies® schedule.
  • Easy Daysies® can help with early literacy like spelling by placing the easy-to-read words such as “breakfast” with clear images, allowing the child to associate the word and spelling with the activity.
  • Letter recognition and identification are targeted and simple spelling is encouraged as kids create schedules and write their own tasks.

Social/Emotional 0


  • Easy Daysies® help with transitions and can provide a feeling of accomplishment and security, while lessening anxiety.
  • Easy Daysies® promotes independence which can foster increased self-confidence.
  • Time management, planning and organization are encouraged with Easy Daysies® schedules.
  • Visual schedules like Easy Daysies® can be motivating to help keep a child on task.


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Every Day Starter Kit

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