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Food pouches are a convenient solution at snack time as little ones learn to feed themselves, but a baby squeezing a food pouch can be a messy affair. EasyPouch© is a hard case that covers food pouches and helps kids feed themselves independently while giving parents peace of mind. Using child resistant latches, EasyPouch© is easy for adults to use, but tough for kids to open and create a mess. EasyPouch© works with food pouches both large and small, and is compatible with the Infantino Fresh Squeezed food pouch system and the PouchPop Topper. 

Physical 0


  • Kids can develop whole hand grasp and two handed (bilateral) coordination as they grasp the EasyPouch© case to eat.
  • EasyPouch© can help with kids with hand-eye coordination and motor planning needed to self-feed with solid foods.
  • EasyPouch© promotes oral motor strength needed to advance to sippy cups, straws and eventually drinking out of a cup independently.
  • EasyPouch© includes a slot on the back of the case to tether to highchairs, strollers or wheelchairs to keep it within arm’s reach.  

Sensory 0


  • EasyPouch© provides tactile feedback during snack time and helps increase a child’s confidence to self-feed without the pouch falling from his hands or the food squeezing out from the opening.
  • The opaque and brightly colored EasyPouch© allows kids to explore new foods in a familiar fashion, as the contents of the food pouch is unknown to the child.
  • The EasyPouch© is inviting and visually stimulating for a child to use and enjoy. 

Social/Emotional 0


  • Self-confidence and empowerment is promoted as kids feed themselves independently.
  • EasyPouch© includes child resistant latches so that kids can’t access the pouch! 

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Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes