nuSpin Kids

nuSpin Kids’ innovative straw cups make hydration healthy, easy, and fun for kids. The Sip & Spin straw cup is especially fun, with a pinwheel that spins when you drink. The Zoomi straw cup has only 3 parts to simplify healthy drinking.

nuSpin Kids uses valve-free silicone straws because they are the best choice for dental health, speech development, hygiene, and food safety. nuSpin Kids uses premium materials and manufacturing processes. Cups are easy to drink from, simple to clean, and durable. 

Products from this Manufacturer

Flower Cup

Sip & Spin™ Straw Cup

nuSpin Kids

The Sip & Spin straw cup has a colorful wheel in a variety of themes that spins as liquid flows through the straw. The Sip & Spin is a cup made for children that makes hydration fun and easy. The cup features a no valve design (recommended by the American Dental Association) to help kids transition from bottles to adult cups by reinforcing sipping versus sucking. Clean up is as easy as running the dishwasher!