Sip & Spin™ Straw Cup

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The Sip & Spin straw cup has a colorful wheel in a variety of themes that spins as liquid flows through the straw. The Sip & Spin is a cup made for children that makes hydration fun and easy. The cup features a no valve design (recommended by the American Dental Association) to help kids transition from bottles to adult cups by reinforcing sipping versus sucking. Clean up is as easy as running the dishwasher! 

Cognitive 0


  • Children learn cause and effect with the Sip & Spin as they associate the oral movement of sipping as the reason for the spinning wheel to twirl.
  • The spinning action on the Sip & Spin cup provides kids with an incentive to master the novel art of sipping. Kids can start with the Zoomi Straw and advance to using the Sip & Spin Straw Cup.  
  • Inadequate hydration has implications for children’s health. The Sip & Spin cup provides kids with the incentive to drink more water and staying hydrated can improve physical and cognitive function. 

Physical 0


  • With its durable and spill proof design, the Sip & Spin™ cup can handle falls and bumps as children develop the hand strength and dexterity to hold cups themselves.
  • The lightweight and durable Sip & Spin™ cup promotes whole hand grasp as children become independent in their activities of daily living. 
  • Fine motor skills such as functional finger movement and hand-eye coordination are developed as children manipulate the bendable Sip & Spin straw as they drink out of the cup.

Social/Emotional 0


  • The colorful spinning wheel and bright colors of the Sip & Spin™ cup can help ease the transition from bottle and sippy cup to straws as children learn to hydrate themselves.
  • The Sip & Spin™ cup promotes independence as kids are able to take charge of drinking by themselves. Let them ask for the Sip & Spin™ cup when they feel thirsty so they can learn independence.
  • Use the Sip & Spin™ cup to let children tell you about their favorite cup characters and drinks, incorporating communication skills into snack time.

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Sip & Spin™ Straw Cup

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Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes