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Each of the Happy Heart Kid Activity Kits focus on a different social/emotional skill—empathy, generosity, grit and manners. The kits are packed full of activities, games and arts and crafts to help kids develop skills to explore and understand their character and the character of others. 

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  • The social and emotional skills taught in the Happy Heart Kid activity kits can encourage positive engagement in school as well as extracurricular activities.
  • The arts and crafts activities included in the various kits inspire creative thinking and imagination.
  • Games included in the kits reinforce social/emotional experiences from different environments like school, sports or the grocery store and allow kids to explore appropriate responses.
  • The diverse range of activities in each kit allow kids to comprehend not only different values and character traits but also the activities and instructions. 

Communicative 0


  • Reading the included instructions in each kit helps refine skills like comprehension from receptive language input.
  • The “Connect & Share” activities in the Happy Heart Kid kits provide opportunities for children to practice communication skills with others through verbal language and expressive writing.
  • Children can learn to verbally or illustratively express their feelings to understand their own emotions as well as emotions of others with the activities, arts and crafts and games included in the kits. 

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  • The kit encourages social and emotional learning in a playful manner that kids can retain and practice within their everyday activites.  
  • The empathy kit employs storybooks and role playing scenarios to teach the vital skill of compassion, allowing children to relate and understand the feelings and emotions of others.
  • The generosity kit promotes the importance of giving to others and may inspire kids to share their allowance, help others or explore volunteer opportunities.
  • The manners kit encourages proper etiquette like positive behaviors as well as the importance of being kind and polite to others. 

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Happy Heart Kid Activity Kits

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