Out with the Old, In with the New

Posted on October 21, 2015

This is our Spring Fall cleaning

Twice a year the National Lekotek Center rolls up our sleeves, flexes our muscles, puts down our toys and well…we pick up more toys. We do all of this because we want to share with our Lekotek affiliates across the U.S.A. and it just might be the most fun heavy lifting in the history of humanity!

But why do we do this?

Well for starters, we do this so we can share our toys from our evaluations and donations around the country to our 16 (and growing!) Lekotek affiliate sites because what is playtime without the toys?

This map shows the current locations of Lekotek offices and Lekotek affiliates around the United States of America.

Another pretty practical reason is that our National office is only so big and contrary to the opinion of children everywhere, there is such a thing as too many toys. Our toy lending libraries around the country have over 50,000 toys between them all. Can you imagine what an office would be like with 50,000+ toys?


What’s in the Box?

Well Detective, Toys. Lots of toys.

Check out these pictures of our boxing day!

All of the boxes ready to be loaded up with toys and shipped off to all of our Lekotek affiliates.

Play specialist Hayley Anderson and Manager of Industry Relations & Partnerships Ahren Hoffman look over what toys we are going to share with out Lekotek affiliates.

Play specialists Gerardo Perez and Hayley Anderson are busy packing away all the toys.

The before and after of one of our storage rooms at Lekotek. This shows just how important it is to keep your rooms clean!

We hope everyone enjoys the toys we provide!