How to Play on Thanksgiving Day

Posted on November 24, 2015

Here are some ways to play that you can gobble up during this autumn holiday. Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated mostly in the United States and Canada, and it generally is celebrated with copious amounts of food, family, and football. This Thanksgiving, we have put together a list of festive ways to play:

Turkey Tales

Reading a book with your child has always been a great way to bond while also exposing them to new vocabulary and letting their imagination run wild with the story. This holiday, grab a Thanksgiving themed book off the shelf to get into the spirit.  

Imagination Time

Kids can play dress up as they learn all about the Native Americans meeting the Pilgrims for the first time, and children can try and imagine what the land looked like before it was full of big cities. Not only can this teach children about history, this can also be an opportunity to discuss the importance of inclusion, as people of all cultures should learn to get along and accept one another.


There are a plethora of companies that have pretend foot sets, with some even coming with utensils so children can practice proper etiquette. Kids can have their own pretend Thanksgiving feasts leading up to the main events. These sets are a great way to learn food vocabulary and a nice way for parents to encourage manners.

Thanksgiving Day Decorations

Every Thanksgiving Day needs decorations, so let kids get creative with construction paper, scissors and glue this holiday. Those turkeys won’t make themselves!

Give Thanks

Since the theme of the holiday is giving thanks, now would be a good time to discuss the idea of gratitude with children. What are they thankful for?

Who is coming to visit?

With so many family members coming together for Thanksgiving, make a family tree with your child as another fun arts and craft project. All this talk about relatives can be a chance to develop memory and recall as children learn about their extended family and why mom’s dad is different than dad’s dad.

Why watch when you can play?

For many families in America this year, Thanksgiving means sitting down to watch a game of professional football. Instead of just sitting on the couch and watching the football game, take time to get out and enjoy the fall weather either playing a game with a ball, or a festive game of tag called Turkey Tag. For Turkey tag, have children play tag while making turkey noises as they run around.


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