My Friend Huggles®

Fresh, dynamic and timeless, My Friend Huggles® is an award-winning brand that develops products inspired by the need for emotional nutrition.

Classic in style and innovative in substance, each Huggles doll teaches their own life virtue ( such as kindness, honesty and grati­tude) assisting parents in the development of important social skills through play.

Their exceptional size is what makes them extraordinary, and one hug from a Huggle makes them irresistible.

Products from this Manufacturer

My Friend Huggles Dolls

My Friend Huggles Dolls

My Friend Huggles dolls are life size and full of pretend play fun! There are 5 different dolls to choose from in the original collection each including their own characteristics and style. “Life Virtues” are inherent within each doll to teach kids about being generous, grateful, fair, kind, and cheerful. My Friend Huggles dolls foster imagination and creative play to not only help children recognize their own attributes and feelings (self-awareness), but begin to acknowledge those of others around them (social awareness). My Friend Huggles are great for hugs too!