Grouchy Dog

How did Grouchy Dog®, LLC get its name?  When any of my students began grumbling during academic time, I used to say, "Stop being such a grouchy dog.  Learning is fun!"  From that I developed my company motto, "Don't let your child be a grouchy dog... make learning fun!”

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Rainbow Magic

Rainbow Math 1, 2 & 3

Grouchy Dog

Rainbow Math is a system of educational games that includes many variations of game play allowing kids of all abilities and math levels to play together. Kids have the opportunity to learn new concepts while mastering old concepts. Rainbow Math is a formula for learning that is fun—the games promote math concepts and skills, problem solving and critical thinking while delivering social interaction. System supports Common Core learning. Note: Rainbow Math games 1-3 were evaluated in this AblePlay report-- Fantabulous Forest (1), Broken Treasure (2) and Pirate Adventure (3).