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Bright and Beyond Activity Card set promotes cognitive skills, motor skills, language skills, self-esteem and sensory awareness using simple, everyday items found in the home. The cards are sturdy and laminated and include helpful illustrations and simple instructions for the activity. Activities promote learning while providing fun, interactive experiences for children and caregivers. Each set has 52 activity cards and is sold separately.  Safety issues are noted when appropriate.

Cognitive 5


  • Problem solving skills are developed as children execute an activity and observe what happens when they swirl a drop of food coloring into a puddle of corn syrup or shake a plastic container full of whipping cream until it turns into homemade butter.
  • Creativity and imagination are enhanced by activities such as adding props while simple songs are sung, or using a brush and a bucket of water to paint the sidewalk.
  • Early learning milestones are emphasized in activities such as placing toys in a pillow case and exploring their shapes with hands (object permanence); blowing through a straw to race cotton balls (cause-effect); and pulling a laundry basket by a belt to pick up toys (means-end).

Physical 4


  • Motor planning is enhanced by activities such as hanging a beach ball from a string on a doorjamb and encouraging the child to hit it or kick it, or simply giving the child clothespins to drop in an empty milk carton. Build an obstacle course and encourage the child to walk or crawl across the pillow, under the table, around the chair or over the broom handle to the finish line.
  • Fine Motor Skills are highlighted in activities and games that include gluing, scribbling/drawing, screwing and unscrewing nuts and bolts, nesting and stacking plastic food containers or cans, threading round oat cereal on spaghetti strands stuck in clay, placing pennies over dots, and dropping juice can lids through a slot in the plastic lid of a coffee can.
  • Gross Motor Skills activities include drawing a path of chalk squares and encouraging the child to walk, hop, or jump the path keeping feet inside the squares. Draw four large squares on the sidewalk and announce that one is a dancing square, two is a jumping square, three is a hopping square and four, a wiggling square. Call out a number, go to the square, and dance, jump, hop or wiggle! 

Social/Emotional 4


  • Listening skills and receptive language skills are enhanced as children listen to the caregiver present the activity. Games like “This, Then That” help, too. Ask the child to perform two or more actions in a row to teach them to follow a sequence of instructions.
  • Sound imitation is encouraged by games like, “Who Moos?” using toy animals or, “Come Out of the Barn”, using a blanket tent as the barn.  When the child comes out, he must vocalize a different animal sound.
  • Pretend play is a great way to expand language skills. Activity cards contain many ideas for creative, imaginative games such as, “Juice Can Puppets”; “Fill In the Blank Storytelling” (let the child add a word to extend the story); and “What Happened?” (Show an action picture from a magazine and ask the child why the man is running or why the baby is crying).

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Bright and Beyond Activity Cards

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 4
Communicative 5
Cognitive 5
Social/Emotional 4