Endless Adventures® Tikes Town™ Playhouse

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Product Description

Large playhouse incorporates four different themes in play: firehouse or schoolhouse (decals for both are provided), gas station, market/bank and sports.  It provides ample space for several children to play together.

Physical 4


  • Gross motor skills are practiced when children maneuver their bodies through the various holes by crawling and/or walking.
  • Two-handed play can be incorporated into play when children grasp and release basketball.  One-handed grasp is used when holding the phone to talk or the gas nozzle to pump gas.
  • Through play, children are developing core muscles in their bodies that help with balance, control, and gait in addition to promoting better breathing and digestion.

Play Ideas

  • Pretend to be a coach who is teaching a player how to kick the ball into the goal.
  • Give the child a bucket of soapy water and a sponge to wash their house.  This is a great activity that excites children and provides wonderful whole body movement.
  • Give the child a ball and have her aim and throw it through the different holes in the house.

Sensory 3


  • Children who are blind or visually impaired often have delays in motor development.  This house may help children practice gross motor skills, crawling, balance, weight shifting and movement.
  • The house is self-contained and enables children who are visually impaired or blind to explore their environment in a confined “safe” area.  Because of this confined space, they can also gain a sense of where their bodies are in space.
  • The development of pretend play can be assisted when children are helped with a topic of play (such as the market in his play house) and items that can help represent real foods (your own play food, cups, plates, etc.).

Play Ideas

  • Add different tactilely pleasing objects (e.g. small toys, different textured balls, play food) in the house.  By periodically changing them, you are adding renewed interest and excitement into play.
  • Because the walls are all uniform in color, children who become over-stimulated during play can use this house to refocus and calm down.

Adaptation Ideas

  • Verbally and physically walk the child around and through the house so they are familiar with the different aspects and are aware of potential difficulties, such as the raised threshold.

Social/Emotional 4


  • Turn taking and patience are practiced when sharing the one included ball to play basketball or soccer.
  • Social interaction is encouraged when children play together. There is ample room for several children to play in and around this house.

Play Ideas

  • Talk on the pretend phone to encourage language and conversational turn taking.
  • Play a basketball game of horse with a friend.  In addition to the word horse, encourage children to use their own names, their street name or their school spelling words.
  • Give the child a topic to act out in the house.  This helps practice receptive and expressive language.  To add to the fun, take turns and have the child give you a topic to act out!

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Five or More Levels
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AblePlay Rating

Endless Adventures® Tikes Town™ Playhouse

Developmental Skill Rating (1-5)
Physical 4
Sensory 3
Communicative 4
Cognitive 4
Social/Emotional 4