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Fitting on the head like headphones, the Forbrain Headset is an auditory feedback device to improve auditory and sensory processing. While this auditory feedback occurs naturally, Forbrain expedites the process with greater clarity. After it filters out the outside noise, the key to this headset is bone conduction technology, which delivers the sound vibrations of your own voice directly to your nervous system and brain, bypassing the ears for more immediate auditory feedback.

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  • The amplified auditory feedback loop provided when using Forbrain can increase short-term memory, as well as making access to memories much easier due to the multi-sensory experience.
  • Improved voice clarity, promoted by the headset’s use, can lead to heightened concentration and attention span.
  • The unit is easy to operate and understand, allowing children an opportunity to think about and fully understand the science behind the device.

Communicative 0


  • Using Forbrain and hearing the auditory feedback can translate into improved comprehension of written words.
  • The brain is better able to organize and develop the language sensors (Broca’s area) of the brain when clarity of incoming sound is increased.
  • Forbrain trains the mind to pick up more detail in the spoken word, promoting receptive (input) language skills.
  • The instant feedback from the Forbrain headset encourages expressive (output) language skills like phonological awareness. 

Social/Emotional 0


  • Self-confidence is developed as kids use Forbrain to help improve speech and gain control of their voice.
  • The enhanced auditory feedback practiced when wearing the Forbrain headset allows children to be better prepared in novel situations like presenting to classmates.
  • By filtering outside noise, Forbrain allows children to focus on their own voices without environmental distractions. 

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Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
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