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ifocus Jungle Rangers is a computer software game designed to improve a child’s focus and attention through memory and recall, sequencing and more. Jungle Rangers provides children with interactive characters that teach them the skills needed to play each section of the game. The games are intuitive- the child does not select his own level; the game identifies the player’s ability and advances when he is ready. The games are engaging to children who already enjoy video games, but also inviting to those children who do not typically play them. As an added feature to Jungle Rangers, caregivers can monitor the child’s attention, memory and focus in the dashboard. It records a child’s accuracy, time span, and percentage of correct answers to monitor improvement. Note: CD must be used for each game play. The software only allows up to 5 player profiles with game play results via dashboard. Compatible on Mac and PC. 

Sensory 0


  • Jungle Rangers provides multi-sensory learning – see, hear and touch.  Children are better able to learn, retain and recall the information experienced through several senses.
  • The characters are brightly colored with detailed black outlines on their clothes and accessories that hone in on their distinguished features and promote visual tracking when exploring the different tasks.
  • Wide range of volume is controlled through the computer and/or speakers where the software is installed; this may be important to a child who has hearing impairments.
  • Jungle Rangers can be played using headphones to lessen environmental stimuli and attend to the tasks of the game. 

Communicative 0


  • Jungle Rangers provides verbal and visual instruction for each game, while providing enough time for a child to listen, process and respond with an answer.
  • The child can read the Jungle Rangers comic book to review characters and learn the different worlds of the game.  
  • A caregiver and child can act out the different worlds and characters of Jungle Rangers when not playing the game to encourage speech and language skills and imaginary play. 

Cognitive 0


  • Jungle Rangers promotes memory and recall, focus and attention, and sequencing during play.
  • Hands-on approach to learning encourages children to focus and attend while learning through play.
  • Jungle Rangers game play may be possible to incorporate into a child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) at school. 

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ifocus Jungle Rangers

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