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The Learning Tower is a unique wooden step stool specifically designed for children to work safely at a counter. This piece of furniture is handsomely made of layered Birch wood with an easy to wipe clean, non-toxic lead-free finish. It can accommodate up to two children on the 15”x18” platform. With a maximum weight limit of 500lbs and four adjustable height levels, it can easily grow with a child and work well at different countertop heights. The design allows the unit to be pushed against a counter for easy access. When children are standing on the platform, they are secure with wooden supports on all sides. This helps children stabilize themselves and focus on the activity, rather than stability. It safely brings a child up to counter level so he can actively participate in cooking dinner, making cookies, washing dishes or doing an activity. This lessens a child’s need to spend energy on keeping his body stable and allows him to use that energy for fun and learning. This gives him a sense of independence and frees a caregiver’s hands to work on the activity instead of holding the child. Available in natural or cherry wood finishes or white, black, green apple, royal blue, azure blue, red and pink.


The assembly is quick and easy with pre-drilled holes, simple written and illustrated pictures to follow and an included tool.  Once assembled, it is solid, sturdy and won’t tip

Physical 0


  • Motor planning skills are used as children negotiate climbing in and out of the Learning Tower and work at the counter once inside.
  • Reaching and arm extension are encouraged once a child is standing on the Learning Tower working at the counter.
  • Balance is practiced as a child stands on the Learning Tower.  This is aided by the wooden side supports.

Communicative 0


  • The confined space of the Learning Tower helps children who have attention difficulties stay focused during an activity.
  • The Learning Tower brings the child up to an easier level for interaction with adults. This sets the stage for verbal communication and learning.
  • The art of conversation and turn taking take place when communicating can be enhanced as children stand in the Learning Tower and interact during an activity.

Social/Emotional 0


  • Turn taking can be practiced because the Learning Tower is meant for only one child at a time.
  • Pretend play skills can be introduced as children create a lemonade stand or partake in a puppet show.

Play Ideas

  • Read a story and then have the child act it out using puppets.
  • Have the child write or draw out a menu for his drive-thru restaurant or create a sign for the puppet show. 

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Learning Tower

Developmental Skill
Physical Yes
Sensory Yes
Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes