Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed

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Inflatable travel bed has a soft-flocked covering for a quiet night’s sleep and gentle curved sidewalls to help prevent tumbles off the bed. Unique attached inset mattress enables your own covers to be tucked in securely and snuggly. Comes complete with an electric inflator to lessen the physical labor needed to inflate.

Sensory 0


  • The sleeping surface is flocked and therefore does not make startling sounds when children move in bed.
  • The navy blue attached inset mattress highly contrasts the white of the frame.
  • The flocked mattress is uniform in texture. Additional tactile stimulation can be added by using your own textured blankets.

Physical 0


  • The travel bed is used on the floor where children cannot roll off, with built-in inflatable guards to maintain a child’s position on the travel bed.
  • Motor planning and weight shifting are used to get in and out of this bed.
  • This travel bed provides a child with a defined, personal space. This is particularly beneficial when there are several people sleeping in one room. A child can use this bed to help identify his space and keep him safe from other’s movements.

Social/Emotional 0


  • This travel bed provides a child with a defined, personal space.
  • When lying on the travel bed, children can “hook” their toes between the inflated frame and inset mattress. This helps children feel grounded and process where their body is in space and their joints in relation to the rest of their body.
  • The travel bed can be a visual and tangible cue for transitioning to quiet time and/or bedtime.
  • The travel bed can help a child feel more comfortable in a novel experience. 

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Tuck-Me-In Travel Bed

Developmental Skill
Physical Yes
Sensory Yes
Communicative Yes
Cognitive Yes
Social/Emotional Yes