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“My child has ADHD and he struggles with keeping attention on tasks at home and at school. He loves Jungle Rangers and as a parent, it is so nice to utilize the dashboard and see his progress- it is also nice to see him attend to something for 15 minutes or more!”  -- Mother, Winnetka, IL
JAN 2013
Focus Education
ifocus Jungle Rangers

ifocus Jungle Rangers is a computer software game designed to improve a child’s focus and attention through memory and recall, sequencing and more. Jungle Rangers provides children with interactive characters that teach them the skills needed to play each section of the game. The games are intuitive- the child does not select his own level; the game identifies the player’s ability and advances when he is ready. The games are engaging to children who already enjoy video games, but also inviting to those children who do not typically play them. As an added feature to Jungle Rangers, caregivers can monitor the child’s attention, memory and focus in the dashboard. It records a child’s accuracy, time span, and percentage of correct answers to monitor improvement. Note: CD must be used for each game play. The software only allows up to 5 player profiles with game play results via dashboard. Compatible on Mac and PC.

Approx. Price: $199.95
Box Age Range: 6+ yrs
# of Pieces: 1
Storability: Easy
Directions: Simple
Play Locations: Indoor
Adjustability: Several Adjustable Features
Levels of Play: Five or More Levels
Batteries: None needed

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