Smithsonian Kids Interactive Animal Cubes

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Smithsonian Kids Interactive Animal Cubes
Smithsonian Kids Interactive Animal Cubes package

“I love that the toy uses real photos! My daughter loves to visit the zoo and the cubes are relatable to what she actually sees at the zoo.” -- Mom - Skokie, IL

Smithsonian Kids Interactive Animal Cubes

The Interactive Animal Cubes include five cubes with real life photos from the Smithsonian. Each cube is a different category related to farm animals, sea animals, pets, wild animals and insects in bright colors of orange, red, blue, yellow and green. Children have the opportunity to learn about 30 different animals and hear their sounds. The Interactive Animal Cubes can be switched from exploratory play to game mode which will “quiz” the child on the different cubes animals and sounds.

Approx. Price: $24.99
Box Age Range: 1+ yrs
# of Pieces: 6-10
Washability: Surface Wipe
Storability: Easy
Directions: Simple
Play Locations: Indoor
Adjustability: None
Levels of Play: Three Levels
Batteries: Yes – Included

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