Bright and Beyond Activity Cards

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Bright and Beyond Activity Cards Age 2
Bright and Beyond Activity Cards Age 1
Bright and Beyond Activity Cards Preschool
Bright and Beyond Activity Cards Baby

Lots of great, interactive ideas. -- Therapist, Rolling Meadows, IL
One card/one activity keeps it from being overwhelming. -- Mother, Chicago, IL

Bright and Beyond Activity Cards

Bright and Beyond Activity Card set promotes cognitive skills, motor skills, language skills, self-esteem and sensory awareness using simple, everyday items found in the home. The cards are sturdy and laminated and include helpful illustrations and simple instructions for the activity. Activities promote learning while providing fun, interactive experiences for children and caregivers. Each set has 52 activity cards and is sold separately. Safety issues are noted when appropriate.

Approx. Price: $10.00
Box Age Range: 1+ yrs
# of Pieces: 51-100
Washability: Surface Wipe
Storability: Easy
Directions: Pictorial
Play Locations: Indoor and Outdoor
Levels of Play: Beginner and Advanced
Batteries: None needed

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