Find It Discover America

Find It!

Identity Games

Find It! is a closed ended clear tube filled with multi-colored pellets and forty small objects “hidden” among them. The hidden items are related to the tube’s central theme (Dinos, At the Beach, Glitz & Glamour, Discover America, Pirates, Starry Night, Kids, Wildlife, Mythical Creatures, Made in Washington, Eww Gross, and Original), and are listed on the tube end cap. Players shake, roll and twist the tube to uncover and identify the objects.

Cedar Brook

Cedar Brook

Swing N Slide

Bi-level wooden play set provides plenty of opportunity for children to challenge their bodies and increase their strength and stamina. This set includes two sling-seat swings, a glider swing, monkey bars, a rock climbing wall and a Side Winder slide. Additional embellishments include a rain wheel, magnetic chalkboard and an attached picnic table for one. The play set can accommodate up to 10 children. Individual swings have a maximum weight of 115lbs.; the two-person glider swing has a maximum weight of 150lbs.; and the Side Winder slide has a maximum weight of 250lbs.