Finger & Hand Control and Dexterity

Noggin Seek in Box


SmartNoggin, Inc

NogginSeek Cognitive Rattle is the latest addition to the Smart Noggin Toy lineup that aims to develop and achieve some of infants’ earliest developmental skills and milestones.  The NogginSeek features the company’s signature clear globe-shaped head (Noggin) and smiley face that contains the blue and white rattle balls. When the rattle is turned right side up, the balls drain down the hollow clear handle; when the rattle is turned upside down, the balls drop into the Noggin.

Apple Links Set

Apple Links


Weplay Apple Links is a building block set consisting of lightweight green and red cubes (apples), 2 sizes of brown plastic bumpy rods (caterpillars), green foam ovals (leaves), and a wooden needle (caterpillar) and thread. The “apples” have a holes on each side and corners for builders to insert “caterpillars” or needle and thread to attach other “apples” or “leaves” to build their own abstract creations or representations of other real world objects.

Fish & Splish

Fish & Splish

B. Toys

Plastic paddle boat with a full removable top that includes 12 accessory pieces: captain, life preserver, fishing rod with hook, four fish, three nesting cups, an octopus comb and a whale nailbrush. The paddle on the back can be wound up for self-propulsion in water. Phthalate-free, BPA-free and lead-free.