Shape Recognition & Identification

Tickle Me Tunnel

Tickle Me 9' Geo D-Tunnel

Pacific Play Tents

The Tickle Me 9’ Geo D-Tunnel is multicolored with geometrically shaped windows along the length of the tube. The tunnel comes together quickly and easily with some assembly for loads of fun, but collapses down for convenient storage. The D shaped tunnel has a wide path for kids of all ages (and adults!) to crawl through and the flat bottom surface of the tunnel is easy on the knees. Kids will be tickled by the removable streamers that stick to the tunnel’s ceiling brushing them as they crawl through! 

Tiggly Shapes

Tiggly Shapes


Tiggly apps are dedicated to helping parents introduce their children to the digital world in an easy yet educational way by allowing kids to directly interact with their lessons. The Tiggly Shapes set is composed of a collection of three digital applications, and 4 silicone Tiggly Toys that complement and interact directly with the apps on the tablet. The suite of apps is composed of three applications, each teaching a separate concept: Tiggly Safari (shape recognition), Tiggly Stamp (storytelling), and Tiggly Draw (creativity).